Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday: Noah & William / Brooks & Jets96

Pairs Competition 2017

Noah B. & William B.

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 2 - Location

Page 3 - Logo

Page 4 - Jerseys

Page 5 - Wildcard

- The title page is excellent. It has some style and tells us what the presentation is and who made it

- I like all of the information on the location page. My only gripe would be that the picture of the Saddledome used is a bit too generic.

- The logos are good. I like how there are multiple pages with multiple logos and each logo is explained. The biggest drawback is the brown/dark red used for the Skills Shootout. That logo may just look like a brown blob on jerseys and merchandise.

- The jerseys are very good. Again I love the multiple pages for multiple jerseys. I also like the inclusion of each team's rosters. I understand the use of green and yellow for the Young Guns, but I think edge-yer/trendy shades of green and yellow would have been better.

- Showing us the ticket and some merchandise is a great use of the Wildcard page! This is the only presentation to do so. Can't complain about anything there.

- To me, this is the presentation to beat this year. Combine all of the above points with your VIDEO for a teaser and you've got a great presentation. Great job guys!


Brooks F. & Jets96

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 2 - Location

Page 3 - Logo

Page 4 - Jerseys

Page 5 - Wildcard
- The title page looks good and lets us know what we need to know. However I feel that you've given us too much on the title page. I've already seen your logo and I know where your event will be without even going past the title page.

- The Location page gets the job done. I like the addition of thanking the other cities that bid to host this All-Star Game. Based on the look of pages 1,3, and 5. It seems this one is a bit underwhelming.

- I like the logo for this event. I also like the secondary logo shown as the red highlights on the star really make it pop. The wordmark could use some tweaking as it's contained in a very plain box. Let it free and see what it can do.

- I really like all four of the jerseys here. I also like how you have explained that each jersey represents a different era of Jets hockey. Really creative way to make different jerseys for the same event. As with page 2, this page could use a little better presentation to match pages 1,3, and 5.

- The extra logos on the wildcard page are excellent. The All-Star Celebrity Game logo is my favourite. As we have seen with other presentations, extra logos have been included on the Logo Page and the Wildcard page was used for something else. Only the voters can decide if that was a bad choice.

- Overall this is a very good presentation. Both the jerseys and the logos are quite good. Just a couple of presentation notes that I mentioned above would knock this one down a by a half point or so.

Let both of these groups know what you thought of their presentations. They want to hear good and bad comments. And now that we've seen them all, what did you think of this year's crop of entries.

Thanks to everyone who entered this year and good luck!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Thursday: DT Concepts & JJ

Pairs Competition 2017
DT Concepts & JJ

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 2 - Location

Page 3 - Logo

Page 4 - Jerseys

Page 5 -Wildcard

- I like the title page. It gets the job done. I like on the background image how you guys have added your logos to the scoreboard. I was disappointed to see that your Teaser image from last Saturday was the same as your Title Page
- The location page is okay. It meets the minimum requirements, but lacks in creativity and some excitement. This page is the weak point of this presentation.

- The logos are the best part of this presentation. I really like that you've also shown us the Fan Vote, Fan Fair, and Skills Competition logos. I'm not a fan of labeling who did what portion of the presentation. In my opinion it should have been presented as a team effort.

- The jerseys are average. The use of grey instead of white makes the jerseys dreary and dark. Being inspired by the Avalanche's jerseys is a good idea, but I feel that they look to much like Avalanche concepts and not enough like All-Star Game concepts.

- Showing us centre ice and the red line painted with stars is a nice Wildcard Page. I like how you were able to recognize that the NHL makes an effort now to place the league logo either left or right to avoid having a centre ice line run through it.

- Overall, I was expecting more from this group. I would give this a 7.5/10. I was hoping to see 8.5 or higher. Still 7.5 is a good score and DT and JJ put in some good work here.

Okay, I commented on every page now let's hear your thoughts. These teams put a month of work into these presentations and some feedback, both positive and negative, would be extremely welcome!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Wednesday: Brendan & Steven

Pairs Competition 2017
Brendan P. & Steven M.

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 2 - Location

Page 3 - Logo

Page 4 - Jerseys

Page 5 - Wildcard

The title page is good. It's clean and well presented. I would think that a little splash of colour would get it a bit more attention.
The location page is presented really well. I really like the choice of font and how everything is really clearly laid out. I would probably give that page a near perfect score.
I really like the event logo! I also like how the page explains how the logo came to be. I would have made CLASSIC a bit bigger to take up some of the empty space.
The jerseys are good, as they seems to both be based on Pittsburgh's and Russia's sweaters from the early 2000s. Nice job showing us the back along with a full player presentation.
Nice use of the wildcard page. As a traditionalist, I am loving the jerseys!
Overall this is the best presentation so far, in my opinion anyways. But what's your opinion? How did Brendan and Steven do? Let them know in the comments.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tuesday: BurkusCircus & Phil B.

Pairs Competition 2017
BurkusCircus & Phil B.

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 2 - Location

Page 3 - Logo

Page 4 - Jerseys

Page 5 - Wildcard

Overall the title page does what it is supposed to do, which is good. Some background texture or a background image could bring it up a point or two.

The location page is the weak point of this presentation. It could use more flash in my opinion and Las Vegas should jump right out at you, with the other information being secondary.

I like the logo as it seems plausible. I think ALL STAR GAME should be bigger though, but overall a very nice logo.

The jerseys could use some black or red trim to liven them up a bit right now. The grey jerseys with a grey background just make me think of a cloudy day with rain on the way. Not entirely pleasing to look at.

The wildcard page is good. Not only do they show us who will be in the game, but they also present to us what numbers the players will wear and how they will look on each jersey. A creative way to show us some basic information. Good use of the wildcard page.

Now let BurkusCircus and Phil B. know your thoughts. Positive or negative, leave them in the comments section.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Monday: Jay & Bradley

Pairs Competition 2017
Jay S. & Bradley D.

Page 1 - Title Page

Page 2 - Location

Page 3 - Logo

Page 4 - Jerseys

Page 5 - Wildcard

My opinion is the title page is bland.
The location page is nothing you couldn't get on Wikipedia.
I like the logo. You could have also included the team logos on this page.
I really like the jerseys. The stars splash on the bottoms are nice.
The idea of the poster is good. It could use a more prominent theme.

Let's hear your opinions below.

Monday, 9 May 2016

New Plan


Last week I wrote a post about my time constraints when trying to be admin of HockeyJerseyConcepts. After reading that post again recently it left a sour taste in my mouth. How come I'm not doing more to make this work? Surely there's something I can do?

Well there is something I can do!

I'm making some changes to HJC. As a reader you won't have to do anything different except be aware of these changes. Otherwise, keep sending in your concepts and keep leaving comments on each post.

A HJC week will now run Friday to Thursday.
Previously we ran Sunday to Saturday, which makes more sense, but try and work with me here.

My posts informing everyone of the winners and all the new contests and anything else will still take place on Saturdays. As such, Sundays will continue to have a regular concept post (currently written by Caz).

On Thursday (our new last day of the week), concepts can be nominated for COTW up until Friday at Noon Eastern. This allows a fair amount of time on all posts for concepts to be nominated. Any nominations left after the deadline will be disregarded.

COTW and COTY voting will also end every Friday at Noon Eastern. I won't be able to close the polls at this time every week, but every vote comes with a time stamp. Votes left after the deadline will be disregarded.

COTW and COTY nominees and polls will be going up sometime every Friday evening. This will be the most inconsistent thing on HJC now. However looking at voting patterns from nearly the past year it will have ZERO effect on people getting their votes in before the deadline.

Competition entries and voting deadlines will also be Fridays at Noon Eastern.

Now when I sit down to do my admin work every Friday I will have all the winners, nominees, entries, and anything else waiting for me. It will allow me to get things done quicker. For you the reader, it won't change much as you'll still get all of the info on the Saturday post as usual.

Hopefully with these changes I have addressed my concerns as well as yours.

- Ryan
(Blog admin @ HJC)

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern

Concepts on can only be nominated for the COTW vote up until the Friday of that week at 11:59pm Eastern time. This deadline has come into question recently by those who have had their concepts seconded after the deadline. I hope to use this space to explain the deadline to you. It likely won't be up for debate and I hope you will understand why.

In case you weren't aware, I'm Ryan and I am the admin for HockeyJerseyConcepts. It's up to me to count votes, gather nominees, start and set-up competitions, maintain the blog and its pages, and generally make sure that everything you love about HJC is there for you to access. I sit down in front of my computer every Friday night at 10pm Eastern and begin this lengthy process. Every week it's about a 3-4 hour session. Common sense suggests that breaking up the session into mini sessions throughout the week would be the best thing to do.

I have a family. I have a wife and two young children. My oldest son is only three and a half years old and my daughter is a year and a half. Just like all children, they are filled with energy and are developing their minds and learning about their worlds. It's a very important time for their parents to be heavily involved in their lives. On Saturdays through Thursdays when the kids go to bed I devote my time to my wife. She's my best friend. This leaves Friday night as my night to take care of HJC.

That is how all the 11:59pm Eastern deadlines came about. I literally am sitting at the computer waiting for Saturday to arrive. When it does I close all the polls and gather all of the nominees and try to get all of the information posted on HJC before I go off to sleep. Throw in the inconsistent sleep patterns of two young children and I'm awake until 2am every Friday/Saturday night.

Allowing concepts posted on Sundays six days to be nominated for COTW and only allowing those on Fridays 7.5 hours to be nominated is not fair. Concepts will and have gotten shafted, but it comes back to Friday night is the only time I have to take care of HJC. This is just the way it is.

I am making a slight change which puts less pressure on myself to meet some middle of the night deadlines. Caz will be moving from Sundays to Saturdays. The update post will then take Caz's old spot. However Friday nights still remain as the only available time I have to really devote to HJC.

I've always thought of bringing in an "admin assistant". The biggest hurdle is that this person would have to be just as committed as I am. Essentially I would be asking someone to be available every weekend to help with vote counting and COTW nominees and gathering competition entries. Seriously, how many people want to use their Friday and Saturday nights doing that?

So I will listen to suggestions, but I've run a lot of them through my head and they all have their flaws. Nominating concepts for COTW on a Friday is not fair, but try to keep things in perspective. HockeyJerseyConcepts is a just-for-fun blog where the best concept from the entire year gets a simple $20 plaque. I'm not a programmer and HJC is not my job (I'm a chef). We all just have to make the best of the situations that are given to us.